Shine Sprite

A Shine Sprite

A Shine Sprite is a collectible object in Super Mario Sunshine, where it serves a similar purpose to the Power Stars of other 3D Mario games. The game contains 120 in total, and smaller numbers are required to progress through the game, opening up new levels and triggering different events. A minimum of 50 are required to open the last Bowser battle.

Mario Kart DS contains Shine Sprites in a multiplayer mode, where they are scattered across a battle arena and the racers holding the fewest after a set period of time are sent out of the battle. Harming another player with an item makes them lose a Shine Sprite.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, three Shine Sprites could be traded for a partner's level-up. The Shine Sprite also makes a minor (but commonly-seen) other appearance as the icon for Mario's partners' "Attack" choice. If the player lines up three Shine Sprite icons in the Bingo wheel during battle the effect would refill all Mario's and his partner's HP, FP, and SP, and every seat in the audience would be filled.