A Blooper from New Super Mario Bros.


The Blooper's most drastic change yet, in Super Mario Sunshine.


A Blooper in Mario Kart Ds.

Bloopers or Bloobers, are subcommon, squidlike enemies in the mario series, they first appeared in Super Mario Bros., and have appeared in many games since that. They are white normally. Bloopers have appeared di

A Blooper's first appearence.

fferently over the years .One notable

thing about bloopers is that they move in a zigzag pattern.Bloopers also appear as items in the Mario Kart Series. They squirt ink all over the screen making the screen harder for the player to see. In Mario Party 8, Blooper made his first playable debut, he just recently appeared as a playable character again in Mario Super Sluggers. 2 notable bloopers are..

  • Gooper Blooper
  • King Calimari
    150px-Blooper SMRPG

    A Bloober